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2020 如來神掌 100式 報名表 Buddha′s Palm 100K 2020







To promote the ultramarathon. Step by step to strengthen training. Create a Taiwanese ultramarathon environment.

Activities in the north coast, Jinshan, Shimen, Sanzhi, Yangmingshan countryside. Strolling through the forest fields. Let friends who love running can run interesting < Buddha's Palm > . You can complete the ultramarathon happily.

The theme of this time is to run together with love. Running is happy, healthy body and mind. You can extend happiness and health to your family and friends. Activities are not ordinary games or racing. Please keep an eye on your health. Don't be stubborn. In the months after you have gone through lengthy training to complete the activity. You are lonely, excited, wind, sun, rain.... The conference expects runners to follow your abilities and ideas. Do something that has , let this with the heart of perseverance. Expand from point to face.

Of course, the traffic safety of the runners is indispensable. Runners are reported by anyone.(requires a photo or video) The traffic rules were not observed twice during the event. Especially arbitrarily crossing the road.(Reporting time is within ten days after the event is included) Will not be issued to the event completion certificate. Those who have issued the certificate will revoke the online announcement. The conference will publish all the photos or videos of the violation reports. (including those who have been reported once) If the name of the offender is found, the name of the runner is also announced. (If the running friend thinks that the traffic safety of running the ultramarathon is not important. Do not participate.)



地點:新北市淡水區淡金路五段20之22號對面 (淡水賢孝社區公園)
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