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Booking Form -The Ascension Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017 / 2017 台北揚升會議報名表 (2017-03-11)(報名截止)
※ 姓名
※ 公司名稱
※ Email
※ Telephone Number ( 連絡電話 )
※ Facebook name & FB website (臉書名字 & 臉書網址)
Ex.(例如): Clarisse Ira Weng , This is for easy and instant communication. 方便簡單且快速通訊使用
If no FB, fill in “No”/如果沒有臉書,前填“無”
※ Payment Details (付款方式 ) *除非特殊原因,不接受現場繳費*
PayPal/ PayPal付款(outside Taiwan/ 限台灣以外地區)

※ 請填寫匯款日期及轉帳帳號末 5 碼 ,以方便核對。***如果沒有使用銀行帳號,請填原因!
Please Give Us the Date for Transaction & Last Five No. of Your Bank Account for our Verification. If You don、t Use Bank Account, Please Fill in Your Reason
※ 轉帳匯款日期
※ Which Course You Want to Attend ( 想要參加的日期 ) ?
※ 您於課程結束後會參加揚升大師之光或星系之光的點化課程嗎 ?
Do You Want to Get the Initiation for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars after conference?

※ 包含一階及二階,您要點化多少種揚升大師之光或星系之光?
How Many Initiations for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars do you want to get, including Level I and Level II? (3 initiations for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars is upmost)
This Is Option, Need Extra Cost/ 此為額外點化課程,需另外付費
※ Are you a foreign participant? 您是台灣地區以外的參加者嗎?
Are you a foreign participant?
※ Where are you from? only for foreign participants
您來自哪裡? (限台灣地區以外的參加者填寫,本地台灣人請填“0”)
※ Your date for 1.check-in / 2.check-out  
※ 您是國際黃金時代團隊的成員嗎 ?
Are you "International Golden Age Group(Global Chinese PFC Team)” member?
※ Any Other Relevant Information ( 其他任何相關的資訊 )


Sorry! The booking form is close.
You can directly go to the conference venue to do registration. Please use following mail or phone to get the information of conference venue.
Mail:; MP: +886-913-217-088
電郵: 行動電話: +886-980-303-440、+886-934-323-411、+886-913-217-088