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2024 臺灣SUP衝浪公開賽 Taiwan SUP Open Of Surfing


2024 臺灣SUP



   2024 運動i臺灣 跟著海洋動茲動 系列活動

   2024 臺灣SUP衝浪與競速公開賽

  2024 Taiwan SUP Open


   Directed By: Taiwan Ministry of Education / Taitung County Government


  Organizer By Taitung Sport Association of Surfing Committee

四、時間:2024年4月27日 星期六

   Date: 2024 April 27 (Sat)


   Location: Jinzu Harbor (If there are any changes in the sea conditions, we will announce it three days before the competition.)


  Eligibility: For all Taiwan Sup Surfer & Have residence permit & Foreign Country SUP Surfer (Under 18 needs Parental Consent Form)

七、報名日期:2024年3月20日(三) 0:00am 至 4月10日(三) 11:59pm 止。

   Registration Date: 2024/03/20 0:00am ~4/10 11:59pm


◆◇When the quota is full, priority will be to the order of of registration and payment

八、比賽費用:NT$2500/組 (含保險、活動餐卷、選手之夜BBQ)

          Entry Fee: NT$2500 per team (including insurance, meal vouchers, and the participant's night BBQ).

九、參賽須知 Rules for Participation::

◆◇若有選手眷屬或加油團,會參與選手之夜,每人收費800(10歲以下不收取費用),請由選手資料中統計填寫。If there are family members or cheering squads joining the participant's night, the fee is 800 NT dollars per person (no charge for those under 10 years old). Please include this the participant's information for tallying.

◆◇4/27(上午6點於金樽漁港比賽會場檢錄報到,6點30準時開賽,請各位選手注意時間,賽報到未到者即算棄權,棄權者恕無法退費。On Saturday, April 27th at 6:00 am, please at the competition venue Jinzun Surf Point. The competition will start promptly at 6:30 am. Please note time, as participants do not register on time will be considerediting the competition, and no refunds will be given for forfeits.


The organizer will decide whether to open on-site standby registration based on the number of registrants and will announce the number of standby slots before the competition.

◆◇報名完成後,本賽會已投保公共意外責任險,因故未能參與之選手,所繳款項扣除行政相關費用後,予以退還餘款。After completing the registration, this competition has purchased public liability insurance. In the event that a participant is unable to take part for any reason, the registration fee will be refunded after deduction of administrative fees.


For a smooth competition schedule, participants must bring their ID to register within the designated time and receive a numbered wristband. The wristband serves as entry proof for the participants at night. If it is removed or damaged, access to the venue will be denied, and an additional entrance fee of NT$800 will be charged.


The competition is scheduled to start at :30 AM, the order of each being determined by the conditions on the day Participants are advised to pay to the competition schedule announced by the organizer.

◆◇本會賽事裁判團皆由國際衝浪協會(ISA)之合格裁判組成,裁判團成員並遵照ISA國際衝浪裁判評分準則,進行賽事評分。The competition's judging panel is composed of qualified judges from the International Surfing Association (ISA), and the panel members adhere to the ISA's international surfing judging criteria for scoring the competition.

◆◇如因不可抗力之因素而無法進行活動,本會將提前告知比賽延期或退費(扣除行政相關費用後退還餘款)。If the event cannot be held due to force majeure, the association will inform participants in advance about the competition being postponed or refunded (with the remaining amount refunded after deducting administrative fees).

◆◇貴重物品請自行保管。Please take care of your valuable belongings.


比賽規則 RULES


1. Each person can catch a of 10 waves


2.The competition is 15 minutes, and final is 20minutes


3. Other will be handled according to the rules of international surfing competitions.





匯款戶名:臺東縣體育會衝浪運動委員會 陳政宗

請於04/11下午三點前匯款完畢私訊臉書粉專,告知帳號後五碼 ! !




        https://www.facebook.com/taitungsurf (臉書私訊)




地點:台東縣東河鄉金樽產業道路金樽浪點 (金樽浪點)
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