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“Dreamlike Journey – A Dzogchen view on Practice” - An online teachings / retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, 2022




“Dreamlike Journey – A Dzogchen view on Practice”

An online teachings / retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche 2022

Registration will open at 10 am Hong Kong time, 12th Nov. 2022

Registration will close on 23rd Dec. 2022

Conceptually we understand that everything  arises from emptiness, like a dream or illusion. Yet we exist in a world with rules, customs and regulations. How can we be totally free from this dream?  Rinpoche will teach on the Dzogchen practices of illusory form, speech and  mind.

Date:  24th – 26th December 2022
Time:  4 sessions per day (total 6 hours).  Please refer to retreat timetable.
Requirement:  Completion of “Subtle Body”
Registration: 12th November 2022 – 22nd  December 2022
Retreat Fee:  HK$ 1200  (Free of charge for ordained sangha)

Retreat Timetable

Date/ Time (HK time)
  24/12 (Sat)
  25/12 (Sun) 
  26/12 (Mon)
Login by 11:30 
       Group Practice
           Rinpoche’s teachings 
        Lunch Break 
 End of Retreat 
       Group Practice
     Rinpoche’s Teachings 

Registration and Verification:

1. Registration date:  Opens on 12 November 2022 for those who meet the requirements.

2. Upon submitting registration, our volunteer will proceed with verifying your requirements. Those meeting the requirements will be notified with the online teachings link ID and passcode.  Please Do Not share your personal online link and ID with others.

3. Fees:  HK$1200, will be offered to Rinpoche on the completion day of teaching.

 (Free of charge for ordained sangha)

Important Reminder:


1. Zoom will be used for this online teaching.  If you have not used Zoom, please install the software and familiarize yourself it.  Please conduct an online test with Zoom to ensure that you have downloaded the latest version, and to check your internet connections. 


2. Our system is designed to avoid duplication of registration.  Please do not use the same name and email for different registration.  Duplication will be deleted.


3. The email entered for teaching registration MUST be identical with your Zoom email registration, otherwise, event entry will be denied.  Also, please ensure accurate email address for sending our confirmation.  Should you not receive confirmation, please check the Junk mail box. 


4. For more than one registration from the same family, everyone must register as individuals. 


5. The same email can only be registered ONCE, please do not share email address. 

Bank transfer:

Hong Kong      

Hang Seng Bank   

Account number:  769-338401-883  

Bank of China    

Account number:  888-20254213

Account name: Pundarika Hong Kong Ltd.

Retreat fee: HK$ 1200



Payment link: https://p.ecpay.com.tw/F814053

Retreat fee: TWD5000

Please email pundarikahk@gmail.com for confirmation and enquiry.



Retreat fee: S$ 220

Please email tsoknyirinpocheinsg@gmail.com for payment details.



Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Account number: 29100011859


Retreat fee: MYR 730

Enquiry: Yang Goh Kang 019-5770299

Email: malaysiapundarika@gmail.com


Other countries          

Telegraphic Transfer

Recipient : Pundarika Hong Kong Ltd.

Account No.769-338401-883

BankHang Seng Bank Ltd.

Bank AddressHang Seng Bank, 83 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Swift codeHASE HKHH

Retreat fee: HK$ 1200


Please forward a copy of your bank deposit to pundarikahk@gmail.com.

Organized by Pundarika Hong Kong

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