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2021 Tsoknyi Rinpoche Online Course


2021 Tsoknyi Rinpoche Public Online Course

1, June 26 2021 How to accompany a dying family member

    2:30~3:50, 4:10~5:30 pm

One day, when the shadow of death fell on the face of our dearest person,

Time to say goodbye,

At this critical moment, how to be a compassionate and intelligent companion,

Accompany him or her to face the illness and death, 

and make an appointment for the "best place"?

2.  Sunday, June 27, 2021   How to Say the Final Goodbye 

     2:30~3:50, 4:10~5:30 pm

When life’s last beam of afterglow shines on us,

It's time for us to say goodbye when the final hour approaches. 

How do we use what we learn in a lifetime to be our own guide with compassionate wisdom at this critical moment?

3, July 03 2021 When the Dharma becomes a "high wall", how to traverse

    2:30~3:50, 4:10~5:30 pm

Every day, for life and practice, you work hard but are very frustrated,

Know where the high standard is, but can't even reach the low standard,

Want to be a good practitioner, but always stuck in the misunderstanding of my practice

Want to take good care of family, and want to practice well, but mess up on both sides.

There is a strong conflict between knowing and doing, what should I do

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