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2021 TAIWAN 5TH INTERNATIONAL CLASSICAL AND TRADITIONAL MUSIC AWARDS-【ERHU Competition】(Registration of overseas musicians)


2021 TAIWA




    Supported by Taiwan International Artists Association,Taiwan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Hong Kong Active Arts Society,Chinese Music Department of National Taiwan University of Arts, ChineseMusic Department of Chinese Culture University, Sing Music Studio(HongKong), Unique Chamber Music Groups and IDEAL MUSIC Studio(Malaysia),International Classical And Traditional Music Competition provides a platformfor artists and art lovers all over the world to learn and interact with eachother. In 2017, the first competition attracted excellent musicians from Taiwan,China, Hong Kong and Japan to get together in Taiwan. To pass down thesuccessful experience in 2017, this year, the organizers and co-organizerswould like to profoundly promote the essence and spirit of classical andtraditional music culture through various means of communications. To attractmore talented musicians, aside from changing the name into InternationalClassical and Traditional Music Awards”, the competition will be categorizedinto professional group and amateur group, which allow amateur talents to joinin this competition. Besides, during the competition, activities such asacademic events and art exchanges will be held to let participants enjoy aharmonious and pleasant atmosphere. Thereby, to elevate the possibility oftheir music and art level at the same time.


The judgesinvited to the Grand Prix are all international professional musicians. Bestplayers from all over the world will come to Taiwan for the final contest. Thisyear, gold awards, silver awards, bronze awards and excellence awards will beset for both professional and amateur groups. Also, the “Special Jury Prize”,“Hong Kong Active Arts Society Award”, "Excellent Overseas MusicianAward" and “Future Start Award” will be selected among all the gold awardwinners while "Best Performer for the Audience" will be voted by theaudience. 


We believethat the 5th competition can help carry forward the heritage and exchange ofmusic and culture under the promotion of organizers. 



International Taiwan Artists Association.

Taiwan Federation of Literary and Art Circles.


ChineseMusic Department of National Taiwan University of Arts

ChineseMusic Department of Chinese Culture University

Hong Kong Active Arts Society

SingMusic Studio (Hong Kong)

IdealMusic (Malaysia)

Clavier Music Studio (Malaysia)

Legato Music Studio (Malaysia)


Unique chamber music groups


NationalTaiwan University of Arts


First Round : July 27- July 30, 2021

Final Round : July 31 “Gold Award Winners FinalConcert”.

“Celebration Banquet will be suspended this yeardue to Covid-19.”


No nationality restrictions

2021 Contest Items

Piano / Vocal / Erhu


1. Accompaniment CD is not allowed inVocal and Erhu Contest.

2. Do not provide false declaration, orcontestants may be disqualified.

3. Contestants can change their musictracks before registration deadline . Once if the music track is inconsistentwith the original one, judges will deduct 2 points from contestants' average score.

4. Professional group is for musiciansin which awarding recognition of professional qualifications under GovernmentDepartments & Education-related Organizations. However, amateur musiciansare also welcomed to sign up for Professional group.

     Contrariwise,contestants with recognition of professional qualifications are not allowed tosign up for Amateur group.

5. Please respect Intellectual PropertyRights and refrain from using or distributing infringing copies of copyrightworks and counterfeit goods. The Organizer shall not be liable for any lossincurred or damage suffered by any person as a result of any actual or allegedinfringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights.

6. Please be also reminded that allapplications for the refund of exiting the competition will be rejected underthe prevailing reimbursement policy.

7. The Organizer has the rights ofcopyright owner, such as all contestants' portrait, behind scenes photos, clipsor videos and etc. As well as being able to make available copies of the workto the public (including the Internet) to promote the competition.

8. Performance order of contestants isdetermined by computer sequencing.

9. Winners of each group can pick eitherreceive their prizes right after announcing the results or wait till Gold AwardWinners Final Concert Ceremony.

10. The rules of music piece to eachgroup are different. Please read the details of each group carefully.

11. For group competition, contestantswill be randomly sorted by computer and evenly divided into group A & groupB as their performing orders if number of applicants are more than 36 pax.Prize or certificate will be individually distributed and issued to awardees aswell.

12. In case of disputes, The Organizerreserves the rights of final decision, including suspending, terminating orchanging details of the competition and its terms and conditions without priornotice.

Competition standard

1. The performing skills,music demeanor to competitors are all criterion for judgment. (costume andonstage presentation 20%, performance skills 50%, musical interpretation 30%)

2. Contestants will be fairlyscored and cannot object to the results, in this competition judges reserve therights for the final decision.

3. When the competition ended,our staff will record the scores and the judges will double check to confirm noerrors made. Emcee will announce the winners of each performance and theaverage scores of all contestants.

4. First place winners need tobe scored at least 88 points in average or above will gain the opportunity toperform at winners of gold medal final concert.

5. Contestants who would liketo promote to the Special Jury Prize concert need to prepare a free choicemusic piece. However, if the piece is over-run out of time limit, judgesreserve the rights to ask for shorten the performance piece.


The first round of each competition sets:

1 ~ 3people in each group will get 1 gold prize; 4 ~ 5 people will get 1 gold,silver and bronze prize; 6 or more people will get 1 gold and silver, Bronze,Bronze, Fourth, and Fifth prize. People who are not listed above are withoutstanding results and considered to receive excellent award.

1.GlodAward - Trophy and Certificate

2.SilverAward - Trophy and Certificate.

3.BronzeAward - Trophy and Certificate.

4.FourthPrize -Trophy and Certificate.

5.FifthPrize - Trophy and Certificate.

6.ExcellentAward -" The winner should attain at least 80.00 marks(inclusive)." -Certificate.

7.InternationalExcellent Teacher Award -"Toturs of the Glod, Silver, Bronze Awardswinners." – Certificate.


The final round of competition sets:

8.Special Jury Prize (one winner will be selected from each Piano, Vocal and Erhucategory) - NT$15,000 cash prize, Trophy and Certificate will be awarded toeach winner.

9.Hong Kong Active Arts Society Special Award (one winner will be selected fromeach Piano, Vocal and Erhu category) - Trophy and Certificate will be awarded,winners will be invited to perform in Hong Kong in 2022 with a total ofperformance allowance HK$2,000 (Depending on Covid-19 situation).

11.Audience Vote Award - Gold medal winner will be chosen by audience. Certificatesand bonus NT$5,000 will be awarded.

12.Excellent Overseas Musician Award- (one for each Piano, Vocal and Erhu).Certificate and bonus     NT$2,500 willbe awarded.

13.Best New Artist Award - (one for each Piano, Vocal and Erhu). Certificate andbonus NT$2,500 will be awarded.

14. PianistPartnership Award – Selected one winner from each Vocal and Erhu category (canbe left as vacancies). Certificate and bonus NT$2,500 will be awarded.

15. Incase of disputes, The Organizer reserves the rights of final decision,including suspending, terminating or changing details of the competition andits terms and conditions without prior notice.

If the winner refuse the invitation toperform in the events mentioned above , the winner forfeit his right to theaward bonus.

Registration time

õAs from May 1 to May 31.

õOfficial website:https://2017icmc.weebly.com

Registration fee

1. NT$2500/ US$110 / CNY$700 for non-Taiwanese contestants .

2.Mail: a0937633836@gmail.com

3.All contestants who registered forthe 5th International Classical and Traditional Music Awards 2021 would receive1 set of gift.

Registration Process     

1.Transferregistration fee to our account.

Bank accountnumber.

NameUnique Chamber music groups

BankCathay United Bank 013

WanhuaBranch account number079035002401

Swift Code: UWCBTWTP


2.Please fill in the registration form in ourofficial website: https://2017icmc.weebly.com

  *Please be reminded to upload the receiptconfirmation of remittance together for your registration.


3. For inquiries, please contact us at +886 2-23020565 or by Mail: a0937633836@gmail.com


Once yousubmitted an online application of this competition, you shall be deemed tohave read, understood and agreed to the rules of the competition. If you havenot already read full detailed terms and conditions, please do so.

This competition is aplatform for contestants to show their music talents. For more information,please visit the official website and Facebook page.



地點:新北市板橋區大觀路一段59號 (National Taiwan University of Arts 國立臺灣藝術大學)


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