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IGAG Global Citamani Light Grid Project Registration Table


IGAG Globa



   IGAG Global Citamani Light Grid Project Registration Table

Since August 22nd 2017, The worldwide lightworkers were altogether participants with Global Solar eclipse meditation, it had been created a remarkable landmark of lightworkers community. Within Operation Mjolnir has started with all light forces, there are many threats were wipe out already! In sublunar space, the Light Forces that belong to the Galactic Confederation are approaching all members of various dark factions in a no-nonsense manner, we’re approaching the final phase of liberation earth.

  The   Breakthroughs   is   near !  


In this phase of the surface Earth situation, The New Atlantis light grid is already now strong enough to withstand the energy of Event Flash. For now, we emphasize until physical intervention happens, all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors need to hold the Light Grid as much as possible to build more Cintamani light grids around the world and near space light grid, make the energy of light grid dissolving the matrix. Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the planetary Light grid. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter.

We still need to put in effort and unity each other, until The Event taking place! 

We invite you to join us, we all together could shine the world with no hesitate.

        Time is right now! Make The New Atlantis come true!

                   VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!


Precaution: prior to performing your task with build cintamani light grid, you should discreetly read the protocol of cintamani introduction, and fully comprehend what exactly needs to implement. 

Range of Cintamani Energy Vortex

1 gram of Cintamani Stone can generate an energy vortex 5 kilometers wide in diameter. 2 grams of Cintamani Stone can penetrate the Veil. The energy of Cintamani Stone can be maximized by tachyonization. Also, tachyonized Cintamani Stone can reverse entropy:



※Shovel / Screwdriver / Camping nail / Hammer / Electric drill/ other kinds of digging tools

※ A smartphone or tablet with access to Google Map (You will need Google Map or other GPS devices which can pinpoint the coordinates of the planted site.) 

※ A Tutanota Email account. (Use encrypted email ONLY for communications for all gridwork task)

Cintamani Gridwork Guidelines

*The depth of planting stone requires digging a hole is deeper than 30cm or at least without disturbed.

*Cintamani Stones must be planted into soil. Please make sure the plant of the site/ designated will not be removed by any construction that occurs in expecting the future. 

*Do NOT plant Cintamani Stone/Crystal into farms, construction sites, or places that might be disturbed. Do NOT throw Cintamani Stones into flowing water/lake/pond or plant in the portable bonsai. 

***Make sure (if) the Tibet quartz or Morganite had been planted of the site away from Cintamani Stone(s) planted at least 100 meters away from each other!!!!!!!

※Please mark the coordinates of your exact planted sites with Google Map or a GPS device. Please report those coordinates to International Golden Age Group.

Please read the protocol carefully as following


   Citamani light grid instruction and protocol of By IGAG

a) Before you’re implementing to planted cintamani stone or certain like Tibetan Quartz, please do one hundred percent to confirmation of ordination coordinates and planning route, Please confirm and clearly how to use coordinate positioning via GPS or your smartphone device.

Please do comprehend what you do is effective to the planetary light grid! 

However, please place your coordinates entirely on the placement.

b) Regard the attribution between Tibet quartz and cintamani stone, 

if we willing to use their energy correctly, you have to know they need to be accurate coordinate to planted in the soil, because when they planted in the soil, their energy attributes needs certain distances from each other, otherwise it’ll be caused some of the energies interferences, that’s why each certain light grid of coordinates need to be accurately planted. 

And in that case, we can accept a slight deviation among 50 meters, which are the same with cintamani to planted. and whether cintamani or TQ they have to be planted in the depth of 30cm underground.

c) Based on the tracking and recording principle, I will need to know your plans to implement the task, I need some predict a figure of date, like when to start and when they can be done, and report back to me all the finalized coordinates and photos as you've taken as proved

d) When you are completely aware of this task of principle with us, we will ship a package of the cintamani stone or other crystal to you. 

e) Please do fully comprehend this info of conditions, this is very very important!!

the foregoing, if there are no questions please help me up to confirm the contents above.

f) After you've done your work, in the state where the surrounding environment is allowed to be undisturbed, you might consider relaxing your mind and invocation The I AM PRESENCE, Angelic being, and the Ascended Masters to assist your task being smoothy and safe.

You can visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth 

visualize the stone or quartz in its position, has begun to generate an angel vortex energy field expanding to infinite and influenced whole area addition to break the veil, this vortex energy filed among love and harmonious, and this powerful energy will be anchored.

g) If your time or environment does not allow you to meditate, please use your methods or powerful I AM PRESENT to declare after your completion: Your work today, everything will be alinement with light forces and Earth's light grid.

May the force be with you! 

Victory of the light!

Any further questions, please contact : Ira: ira.antoinette@tutanota.com  

International Golden Age Group 

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