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English Lounge Taipei Thursday Night Chat (Online Meeting)



English Adult Chat Online (8/06/2020 Thursday 9:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm)

Welcome to chat with local Taiwanese and foreigners living in Taiwan! (limited to 6 participants and 2 on waiting list.)


<<Please provide correct email address to get the meeting code, which will be sent to you 5 minutes prior to the meeting. The latest time to register is on this Thursday 10:59 am. The latest time to make a payment is by 12:00 pm. Registered parties fail to make a payment by 12 pm will be removed from the registration to free space for waiting applicants. If you miss the payment time, please get the activity host's permission before making a late payment.

請務必填入正確的 email 地址,英文名字 您才能被確認並得到與會的連結。請務必選填同意已詳閱活動內容及活動聲明,才能成功登記繳費。開會連結統一於活動當天下午6點前用email寄發給付款的參與者,並於活動當天用 英文名字 或 email 來點名確認身分。最晚報名期限為 8/6/2020 週四上午10點59分。但是需同日中午前完成付費手續。否則,將被視為放棄參加活動。當週四中午12點後,未取得主辦者同意下,請勿付款。候補者,主辦單位通知繳費前,請勿繳費。>>

Activity details:

1. Introduce yourself (When full, less than 2 minutes for each person).

2. Talk about the main topic.

3. See some short videos of idioms, movies, & news words followed by a discussion after each video.

4. Get feedback or suggestions from the activity host.

5. Other Activities (It depends on the time of the meeting.)

6. Make a conclusion for the activity.

7. IMPORTANT: The activity host has the right to moderate the meeting, give warning for inappropriate conducts from offenders, and reserve the rights to remove the offender from the meeting and the future participation. 

Hardware and software requirements:

1. Must have a desktop or a laptop computer, and install the Google Meet.

2. Or use your smartphone and install the Google Meet App.

3. (Optional) Use headphone or earbuds. 


以下活動主辦者(收款方) 簡稱甲方。報名參加者(付款方) 簡稱乙方。

The activity organizer is called Party A. The applicant is called Party B in the disclaimer.

1. 若於活動當日(星期四)中午前尚未受到付款,則甲方(主辦者)必須將乙方(報名者)退出活動以免影響其他人的報名額度。If Party A does not receive payment from Party B by 12:00 pm on the activity day, Party A will remove the Party B for the waiting list.

2. 乙方(付款報名者)若想改期或是必須退出報名,請回到報名區聯繫甲方(主辦人),進行退出事宜。若乙方未與甲方溝通,並且錯過活動,乙方不得要求退款。乙方最晚溝通期限是活動當天(星期四)中午12點整前。甲方可於活動當日中午12點後回覆處理。If Party B wants to withdraw his/her registration, Party B must contact Party A for the procedures. If Party B doesn't contact Party A and miss the activity, Party B cannot ask a refund from Party A. The latest communication for withdrawal is by 12 pm on the activity day, and Party A can reply after 12 pm.

3. 乙方(報名參加者)的付款對價就是參與當次活動。參與完畢後,甲方(收款方)已完成收費之對價服務。乙方(付款方) 不得異議。Party B's payment is paying for the registered activity participation. After the participation is finished when the activity is finished. Party A has finished providing the service that Party B pays for. Party B cannot ask for further service with any reasons.  

4. 乙方(參與者)於參與活動時,必須遵甲方(守活動主辦者)之規勸與糾正。違反情勢嚴重者,甲方(主辦者)可以在活動進行當中時將違反的乙方(參與者)退出活動,被退出的乙方(參與者)不得異議,也不得要求退款。When participating the activity hosted by the Party A, Party B understands that he/she must follow the advice and corrections from Party A. If there are serious violations to this understanding, Party A may remove Party B from participating the activity. The removed Party B cannot disagree with such arrangement and/or ask for a refund. 

5. 乙方(報名者)於報名後即視為同意本聲明,不得異議。After Party B successfully registers the activity, Party B's registration is considered openly agreeing this disclaimer, and cannot regret about this agreement.  


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