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The Ascension Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019-Registration Form


The Ascens


2019揚升會議中文報名表-Taiwan/China/Hong Kong/Malaysia(Chinese)


Reminder: due to numerous registrants has booked and full to ray initiation workshop on Nov 30th-Dec 1st.
 Ray initiation workshop conducted on Dec 2nd date is also highly possible with full booked! in that case, We strongly advise you to book ray initiation workshop on Dec 3rd

Conference Dates: 2019/11/30 -  2019/12/1 

""On-line Registration deadline: 2019/11/22""

Registration Fee (includes 2 parts):
>First Part - Conference (Main session)
Registration fee for full conference:  200 EUR /7,000 NTD
Registration fee for single-day conference: 125 EUR/4,500 NTD
(Notice: Anyone who wants to participate in full conference, but only signed up for single day would need to pay extra 125 EUR.)

Complimentary vegetarian lunch is included.

>Second Part - Initiation Workshop (optional, you cannot join this without participating in the conference)
Registration fee for initiation workshop:
100 EUR(3,500NTD)/ each ray

Registration Procedure

(Choose either payment method, paypal or credit/debit card.)

1.Payment by Paypal:
Please fill out your registration form after completing your payment with Paypal. (Please ignore sections with ★ if you won’t join initiation workshop.)

PayPal account: anthem.chang@gmail.com

2.(stop using) Payment with credit card/debit card:
After submitting your registration form, please click blue button (下一步進入付款流程) to enter payment page. Then use credit card/debit card for your payment. (Please ignore sections with ★ if you won’t join initiation workshop.)

3.Euro wire transfer (Euro Only):
ACCOUNT NO. : 10668037461
BANK ADDRESS : No.28, Jingzhong St., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Bank TEL : 886-2-29303011

Please complete your payment before filling out the registration form.

*Please double-check your initiation ray(s) and your date of initiation. No change nor refund once your registration form is submitted. 

After completion of your registration and payment:
Please check your Email (check your Spam Folder in case you miss the notification letter.)
(If you complete your registration but you don’t receive notification letter by 11/22, please write to goldenage777777@gmail.com)

About Initiation Workshop (For those who would like to participate in this workshop, please read the following messages thoroughly.)

Introduction of Stellar Rays and Ascended Masters Rays:

There are 13 rays in total. Each ray has level 1 and level 2. 

Participants of level one initiations
Those who have never participated in initiation workshop by Cobra can only choose level one. You can choose 3 of 13 rays at most.  

Participants of level two initiations
Two options are available: (You can choose both.)
1.Choose up to 3 level one rays which you have not initiated yet.
2.Advance your initiated rays (3 at most)

E.g.: You were initiated with level one Sirius ray and you have kept practicing this ray for more than two months. In this case, you are qualified to advance your Sirius ray to level two. 

If you would like to have level two initiation(s), please fill out your level one information (what year/the name of the Cobra conference which you were initiated.) in "Other information" box.

1. Only NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) and EUR are accepted during the conference
2. The tachyonized product stand in the conference only accept NTD and EUR. (Please make your currency exchange before the conference.)
3. Reception is at 08:30 A.M. Please enter the conference room by your reception number after 
    1. signing your Non-disclosure agreement
    2. claiming your name card and meal voucher
  09:00 A.M. 
Entry time 
  09:20 A.M. Reception window closed 
    Deadline of online registration is 11/22  
4. Please fill out your contact email in your registration form. We use email to send you notification letter.
5. Conference location will be notified through email. If you don’t receive the notification letter by 11/22, please email us.  (Remember to check your Spam Folder.)
6. Registration form cannot be revised once submitted. Please double-check before submission.

7. If you arrive at the conference after 09:20 AM, you have to wait outside until break time. 
8. No refund for those who cannot participate in the conference or initiation workshop. Your registration fee will be donated to Planetary Light Grid Project.
9. This registration form is only for your own registration and payment. Do NOT use this form with other people. Extra payment will not be refunded. 

No on-site registration is accepted. Please DO complete your payment within 5 days after your registration. 


Email: goldenage777777@gmail.com 

For more information, please browse the following links:
English: http://portal2012.org/Taiwan.html

Chinese:  https://www.golden-ages.org/2019/10/23/2019ascension/

Other accommodation infos:  




↓Please scroll down to the registration form below↓


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