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2019 EWC Hsinchu Site Event

2019 EWC H


o EWC 新竹Site event 限新竹辦公室員工為主,若您因出差在其他工作區支援者,欲參加當地活動請洽當地福委。
  This event is only for EWC members working location at Hsinchu.
  If you support at other office and want to join at non-Hsinchu site event.
  please contact EWC site rep. first. 
  (LK - Amber Chen;  HC - Diane Lin/ Joanna Hsu;  TC - Ashely Yeh;  TN - Miranda Kuo)
o 每梯次名額有限,額滿截止
  Limited reservation for each slot.
o 每梯報名結算需要些時間,請於出發前1日找 Diane Lin/ Joanna Hsu 領取活動卷。
  Please kindly take your dinner coupon from Diane/Joanna on your join one day before.   
o 活動卷面額為1000元,超出費用請自付
  Please pay by self if over the budget NT$1000

o 眷屬或ASML訪客欲參予,也請上網登記,費用自付
  Please also register for your family/ supporters and pay by self.
o 此活動開放11梯次 , 沒有任何因公補償.
  The activity has 11 slot and no any duty compensation
o 如需攜帶親朋好友請把攜帶人數email給福委作登記作業.
   If you need to bring your family/friend , please contact with EWC rep.
   ( 11F -Monica Wang; 12F-Joanne Chen; 13F -Joanna/Diane; 14F-Erica Yang )



地點:新竹市中央路229號7樓 (7F., No. 229, Zhongyang Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu)
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