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Rinchen Choling Dec Events 寶法林12月法會報名


Rinchen Ch


五路財神食子水供 12/16


Torma & Water Offering to Fortune Deities 12/16 (Sun)

We will start Sunday practice at 9:30 with meditation and then have group practice on Torma and Water Offering at 10 am. Please register online so the center can prepare enough torma and milk water.


光明燈總迴向: 蓮師除障法會及薈供12/23

·     9:30開始 (歡迎大家參加,本年度沒點光明燈者也可以參加)

·     請準備素食點心、甜點、或飲料參加薈供(不必準備中午的餐點,中心已經訂了外燴!)

·     請準備10元的禮物與法友交換

Buddha Light Offering Year End Dedication (12/23):

(1)         Guru Rinpoche Obstacle Removing Ceremony & Tosk 

  • You don't need to be a 2018 sponsor to attend! Please bring vegetarian snack, dessert, or juice for Tsok.

(2)         Year End Luncheon and Sangha meeting

  • No need to bring lunch, the center will have a catered luncheon
  • Please bring a $10 gift for gift exchange 


·        欲參加除障的信眾,請於12/22(星期六)上午至寶法林領取一小塊除障用的糌粑麵團帶回家,用糌粑麵團碰觸自己或家人身體不適的部位(一人一團不要合用) 或是家中不順的地點,然後於12/23(星期日)上午回寶法林完成除障的儀式

·        To prepare for the cleansing on 12/23, you may come to DRC to get a Tsampa dough on Saturday morning (12/22). You can use the dough to touch your body where it has pains or ailment as well as parts of your house (one dough per person, do not mix with other people's dough), then bring it back on Sunday(12/23) morning to remove obstacles and receive blessings.



地點:4048 E Live Oak Ave, Arcadia
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