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2018啓碁科技家庭日WNC Family Day












l   點券金額:員工$250/人、眷屬$150/

l   當天活動攤位不收取現金,憑活動點券消費使用
















1. Enrollment deadline: From now on until May 10th (Thu.) at 17:30.

2. Each employee can bring max. three family members. If there are more than three, the fourth member (and so on) will not have the issued tickets and coupons.

 3.Ticket is required for the admission to Pushin Ranch. Children aged 3 or below or below 90cm tall as well as elders above 75 years old will be admitted to the ranch free of charge.

If the amount of family members exceeds the upper limit and they are not qualified for free admission, you can use your employee ID card or the event paper fan to buy WNC preferential ticket of NT 180/ticket on the spot (use on the same day).

Good News

1. As you enroll in the event, you will be gifted with coupons which can be used on the stands and all sales points of Pushin Ranch (including the restaurants, animal feeding,etc.) on the event day.

Coupon: Employee $250/person; family member $150/person

Cash will not be accepted by the stands. Only the coupons can beused.

2. Early-arrivalgifts: Only WNC employees who are enrolled in the event will receive a limited edition of “Summer Cooling Gift” (500 gifts available and one for each). You can collect the event paper fan at the Exchange Point on the event day.

3. Second lucky-draw:In additional to the lucky-draw at the end, you are encouraged to arrive theranch before 10:00AM as we have an Early-bird Lucky Draw. You will have asecond chance to win a prize!

Shuttle bus registration】

1. Six shuttle buses will be available and open for registration: Headquarter, Chunghwa Dorm,Zhubei Dorm, Shuangxi Dorm, and Maozhu Dorm. They will be round trips with fixed picking points.

2. If less than20 people are registered for any of the picking points, shuttle bus will not beprovided.

3. Shuttle bus is available for the foreign colleagues of the production lines and the special cooperative program students, not for their family members or friends.

4. Bus-related information will be announced after bus-registration is completed.


1. There is a payparking in Pushin Ranch with approximately 1000 parking lots: Car $100/time and scooter $50/time. You can go by yourself!

2. Pushin Ranchis open from 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM. The stands will be open until 3:00PM. Please be aware of the time.

3. Please remember to bring your employee ID card on the day to facilitate the purchase of tickets, coupons, or the checking of identity for the lucky-draw prizes.


地點:桃園市楊梅區幼獅路一段439號 (味全埔心牧場 / WEI CHUAN PUSHIN RANCH)
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