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The Ascension Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018-Booking Form


The Ascens


2018揚升會議中文報名表(Chinese version): https://www.beclass.com/rid=213ed595aa7a237af78a

Thank you for your registration of The Ascension Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018 on May 12-13.
Due to the limited seats, please register the conference ASAP and please complete the payment first, then fill the registration form and inform us your remittance information (remittance date + your account number). We must receive your full payment of 7,400 TWD (equals 200 Euro, for full conference) or 4,600 TWD (equals 125 Euro, May 12 or May 13 for single day) before confirming your reservation. Please pay the payment before you fill the registration form. The payment includes lunch (vegen) and refreshments.
Please fill the form as below to facilitate the operation of the organizer. Thank you so much!

Conference Date: May 12th 2018 - May 13th 2018 

""On-line Registration deadline: May 4th 2018""

Registration Fee (include 2 parts):
>First Part - Conference (Must participate)
Registration fee for full conference:  200 Euro
Registration fee for single-day conference: 125 Euro 
(Notice: Anyone wants to participate full conference but signing up for single day would need to pay extra 125 Euro.)

>Second Part - Initiation Workshop (Optional attendance, you can only 
attend the conference)

Registration fee for initiation workshop:
100 Euro for each ray

Registration  process:
  1. Complete your payment via wire transfer or / Paypal (conference plus initiation, if any)
  2. Fill in your registration form (conference plus intiation, if any)"PLEASE double check" the ray(s) of your initiation , we don't accept any change or refund allowed after you submit your registration form!
  3. Complete your registration by replying our formal notification letter via email .(If you don’t receive any notice more than five days after submission, please write an email to goldenage777777@gmail.com)
  4. Please ignore items with “★” symbol, if you don’t participate the initiation workshop.  Your registration fee includes vegan lunch and refreshments.

Payment Methods:



3.Euro wire transfer (Euro Only):
ACCOUNT NO. : 10668037461
BANK ADDRESS : No.28, Jingzhong St., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Bank TEL : 886-2-29303011

4.PayPal (Euro Only)
PayPal account: anthem.chang@gmail.com

About Initiation Workshop

* Each single ray of fee is 100 Euro, if you like to having one above or any, its calculate by accumulation, Please do read carefully the contents below of initiation workshop sections!    

Please consider your individual scheduled for participant.

P.S :This following below time table is for suggestion of prearrangement, it depend actual status of conference, Please do fill in your registration form correctly of your decision . Thank you.

May 12th (Sat)

14:00~15:00 or 19:00~21:00

May 13th (Sun)

14:00~15:00 or 19:00~21:00

May 14th (Mon)


More introduction details, please check:



  1. Only New Taiwan Dollar and Euro are accepted during the conference!
  2. We do not offer the exchange of currency at the conference, please prepare well before your attendance.
  3. The reception will start at 08:30a.m.:
    1. Sign your Non-disclosure agreement.
    2. Sign up for attendance. Claim your badge and lunch coupon. 
    • 09:00a.m. Accept on-site registration.         
    • 09:20a.m. Finish all registration process. 
  4. The venue of the conference will be emailed in the reply letter. If you do not receive the email before May 7th, please contact us.
  5. There is No "Half day session" option of any conference date and fee.
  6. After you submit the registration form, you can not change it anymore. Please be aware and have double-check of your registration.


Email: goldenage777777@gmail.com 

For more information, please browse the following links:
English: http://portal2012.org/Taiwan.html

Chinese:  https://www.golden-ages.org/2018/03/22/2018ascension/

Recommend accommodation:

*Dongmen 3 Capsule Inn 


Address:No. 110, Section 2, Xinyi Road Daan District 106 Taipei Taiwan (MRT Dongmen 3 exit )


P.s: Located on the Danshui line (red line MRT), take the MRT to Daan Station (Wenhu Line) to transfer to Science and Technology Building Station then walk to the National Taipei University of Education for another 10 minutes. This hotel more cost cheaper, but it have less personal space, please consider individual require.    

*GoodMore Hotel Shida


Adress:No. 147, Section 1, Heping East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

P.s:Located on Heping East Road, take taxi along the Heping East Road to Daan Forest Park and walk straight for about 10 minutes to the National Taipei University of Education. Far from the MRT station.

*Kodak Hotels Dunnan

Phone: +88622732 3333

Address: No. 238, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

P.s:The nearest hotel to the National Taipei University of Education. Need to be take 10 minutes to venue.

*IGAG special offer for accommodation booking:

1.IGAG has signed an agreement with the Kodak Hotel Taipei Dunnan in the name of the association,

(only for addition favorable price for provide people in need , there is no any commission or mediation fees)

2.Exquisite single rooms and landscape round bed rooms are double rooms, its allow to accommodate two persons, signing price of 2600 NTD, in addition other selection of rooms type, signing price (over than 3000 NTD)

3. Having a reservation for room, Please be sure to use the following mail booking: dunnan@khotels.com.tw, on-line booking is not included special price from IGAG signing price, please avoid do surf on internet to booking your room , online booking can not identify the contracted customers, and it will not have a discount price. When compose mail to make a booking, please be sure to fill it in the mail: Signing contractor: 72643805 or contractor short name: International Golden Age Association (Initials engraved : IGAA)

Other accommodation infos:  



Easthouse Hostel

Address:12F, No.162, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd, Da-an District, Taipei, 106, Taiwan Lowest price$26

Phone:+8862 7729 2168


Star House

Address: No. 17, Lane 44 Taishun Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,000

Phone:+886975 236 518


Taipei Jazz

Address:No35 Fuyang Street, Taipei

Phone:+886983 873 228

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,126


Daan park hotel

Address:8F., No. 271, Section 2, Xinyi Road, Zhongzheng District, 100 Taipei, Taiwan

Phone:+8862 2396 5222

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,188



Address:No. 115, Section 2, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,222

Phone:+886955 780 359


May Rooms Taipei NTU

No. 208, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Zhongzheng District, 116 Taipei, Taiwan

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,247

Phone:+88692 2365 2284



Address:5F., No.186 ,Section 3, Xinyi Road, Daan District, 10658 Taipei, Taiwan

Online ordering lowest price: NT$1,378

Phone:+8862 7725 0799


You might be have interest… 

Chinese lightworkers gather meeting May 16th 

Please be free to joining


               For all the best blessing , May the forces be with you!  Namaste.

                                         VICTORY OF THE LIGHT ! 



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