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「2017 Lions Head Mountain Route-Hsinchu Fun Tour」Registration page

「2017 Lion

About the tour

Tourists can take shuttle buses of 2017 Easy Travel in Taiwan— LionsHead Mountain Route at High Speed Rail stations or train stations nearby majortourist attractions along Lions Head Mountain Route.Tourists canexperience green transportation-a low carbon travel, appreciate the nature inTaiwan, and enjoy Taiwanese humanities and cultures. 

This tour  will show the gueststhe authentic experiences of tasting, discovering and even preparing Taiwaneselocal foods! Follow our food-loving guides to learn the cultures &experience a fun DIY class together!    


Zhudong Central Market

Zhudong Central Market is thelargest Hakkanese traditional market in HsinchuCounty. The market is open atdawn, with more than 400 vendors selling all kinds of merchandise—inclusive offresh fruit and vegetables, accessories, artwork, and antiques.In the market,there are many traditional and delicious handmade foods in daily limitedsupply, such as rice noodles, flat noodles, pyramid dumplings, vegetable bun,tangyuan, sticky rice, caozaiguo, duck in wine sauce. With these variouselements, this market has thrived for 80 years.

Beipu Old street

Beipu Old street has over acentury of history. It is the most prosperous region of Three Towns in Da Ai –Beipu, Emei, and Baoshang, and is the historic street with the most Hakkaculture. It has special significance in development of Taiwan history.Nowadays, almost the entirehistoric street and historic architecture were builtby the Jiang Xiu-luan family with red brick architecture. The narrow alleys arethe architectural model of the immigrant villages. Ci Tian Temple is in thecenter of the village and is the largest temple in the region. It is thereligious center of the residents and is the center for the local peoplediscussing official business. The architectural style is two sitting roomsdesign with two sitting rooms, two galleries, and two subsidiary rooms. It isdesirable walking in the quaint streets, admiring the historic monuments, andtasting genuine Hakka snacks.

Lei tea

Lei tea is a beverage made by theHakkas to treat their guests. Lei means grind. This pounded tea consists of mixedtea leaves, sesame, peanuts that are grounded with a pestle and mortar. Then,the powder is placed into a serving bowl and hot water is stirred into it.Finally, Kirara rice teais added to the soup-like beverage. Lei tea canquench people’s thirst and assuage people’s hunger and can be used as a healthydrink.

Activity date
(Sat), 2017/8/22(Tue), 2017/8/24(Thu), 2017/8/26(Sat), 2017/8/29(Tue), 2017/8/31(Thu)



Zhubei Train Station at 8:50 
THSR Hsinchu Station at 09:10 

Tour Itinerary


Location / Activity


Take ashuttle bus at ZhubeiTrain Station at 9:00.


Take ashuttle bus at THSR Hsinchu Station at 9:19.


Zhudong Traditional Market—Enjoy Hakkanese Foods.


Take ashuttle bus at Zhudong Visitor Information Center Stop at 11:46.


In transit. Get off the bus at Beipu Old Street Stop at 12:02.




Lei ChaDIY. Experience Hakka Lei Cha Culture.


Take a shuttle bus at Beipu Old Street Stop at 14:02.


In transit. Get off the bus at Shishan Visitor Information Center Stop at 14:22.


A tour around Water Curtain Trail.


Take a shuttle bus at Shishan Visitor Information Center Stop at 16:00.


In transit. Return to Zhubei Train Station.

included in thistour

The package tour includes freeshuttle buses, an English docent, a lunch, souvenirs, and insurance.

Not included in this tour



1. The itinerary will be adjusted according to weather conditions andactual activity conditions on the tour day.

2. Please pay attention to the messages on the official website if thereare any changes of tour dates. 

3. Due to maximumlimit to the number of people in each tour, we will send an email to let youknow if your register is successful. 

4.This service is limited to foreign tourists (holders of foreign countries other than Taiwan(R.O.C.))

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