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Taiwan Kaohsiung PaidaLajin HotSpring Retreat.


Taiwan Kao


PaidaLajin Self-healing Workshop will be held in April at BaoLai HotSpring Resort in Kaohsiung by Master Hongchi Xiao. Participants will learn and practice Paida, Lajin, Zen jogging, meditative sitting, waist-swirling, Tie-Qiang gong, etc. which is an effective, simple, safe, widely applicable and green self-healing method.

Many PaidaLajin participants around the world have proven that it helps us relieve our pains and diseases, very useful to our health,and makes us prettier, slimmer and taller.

According to Chinese medicine, "all diseases are caused by meridian blockages".Paida and unblocks energy channels in the body, activates inborn self-healing power of the body. Finally we will manage our own health mentally and physically.

Time:4/1 am10 ~ 4/7 pm2

Place: No 36, BaoLai 2nd Lane, Liugui district, Kaohsiung City , Taiwan. (高雄市六龜區寶來二巷36號)
(BaoLai HotSpring Resort 寶來温泉山莊)

Fee:NT $32,000 (DOUBLE ROOM)

Please send your airplane ticket (better arrived here on 3/31) to senpo7@gmail.com and finsh your reservation.
We will contact you how to come to the workshop.
Seats are limited. (NOW have more 30 persons) Early(3/8) applicants and send your ticket will receive gifts.
MORE Early(2/15) applicants and send your ticket will receive double gifts.

1.The resort hotel providing the wifi internet service , but the message is not so good
in the room , near lobby is better .
2.The fee include the stay at the resort and our plan(4/1 AM10:00-4/7 PM2:00) meals , of course.
3.The workshop is 4/1-4/7 . If you will come here at 3/31 or stay 4/7-8 night , you need pay more fee about 2980 double room.
4.Maybe we will arrange you to visit Kaohsieng , if you want .
5.The best airport to stop is Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) .
The best arrival time is at PM 2:00 March 31.
If arrival time is March 30, you will stay Kaohsieng one day , and live at hotel or our home .


地點:高雄市六龜區寶來二巷36號 (BaoLai HotSpring Resort 寶來温泉山莊)
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