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The Ascension Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019-Registration Form (2019-11-30)(報名截止)
※ Name on name card
※ Cell phone number
※ Your last name
※ Your first name
※ Your facebook name and URL
※ Date of of your participation ?
 Nov 30th(One day)- 125EUR 、價格:4,500元 
 Dec 1st (One day)- 125EUR 、價格:4,500元 
 Nov 30th-Dec 1st(Two days)- 200EUR 、價格:7,000元 
※ Are you a foreigner?

※ Where are you from?
※ Are you a member of an Event support group?

※ Payment method?

★ Please select your Lv.1 ray(s) (3 rays at most)
<Additional registration fee is required>100 EUR(3,500NTD)/each ray
 Sananda Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Kuthumi Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Ashtar Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 St. Germain Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Serapis Bey Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Djwhal Khul Ray(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Pleiadian(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Sirian(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Orion(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Galactic Central Sun(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Andromedan(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Lyra(I) 、價格:3,500元 
 Antares/Aldebaran(I) 、價格:3,500元 
★Please select your Lv.2 ray(s) (3 rays at most)
<Additional registration fee is required>Level two initiation is only for those who have initiated level one ray(s) and practiced for more than two months. 100 EUR(3,500NTD)/each ray
 Sananda Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Kuthumi Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Ashtar Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 St. Germain Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Serapis Bey Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Djwhal Khul Ray(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Pleiadian(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Sirian(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Orion(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Galactic Central Sun(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Andromedan(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Lyra(II) 、價格:3,500元 
 Antares/Aldebaran(II) 、價格:3,500元 
※ Your Paypal account
※ Your wire transfer information
Please complete your payment before filling out the registration form.
Date of your transfer
※ ★choose your initiation date(s)
Please give priority to foreigners who can only stay for a few days.

Other information
If you would like to have level two initiation(s), please fill out your level one information (what year/the name of the Cobra conference which you were initiated.)
※ I have read this registration form thoroughly
I have read this registration form thoroughly and agree all terms in this form.

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