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Booking Form for The Ascension Conference, Chiang Mai/ 2016清邁揚升會議報名表(國際版) (2016-07-02)(報名截止)
First Name(same with passport) (真實名字)
名字喔! 不是姓氏喔!
Telephone number ( 連絡電話 )
Email address ( 電郵 )
微信/QQ/Facebook name & FB website (臉書名字 & 臉書網址)
Ex.(例如): Clarisse Ira Weng ,
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Payment Details ( 付款方式 )

請填寫匯款日期及帳號後 5 碼 ,以方便核對。*如果沒有使用銀行帳號,請填原因!
Please Give Us the Date for Transaction & Last Five No. of Your Bank Account for our Verification. If You don、t Use Bank Account, Please Fill in Your Reason
您於課程結束後會參加揚升大師之光或星系之光或Isis女神能量的點化嗎 ?
Do You Want to Get The Initiation for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars or Isis(Goddess) Energy After Courses?
This Is Option, Need Extra Cost ( 此為額外點化課程,需另外付費 )
How Many Initiations for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars do you want to get, including Level I and Level II? (3 initiations for Rays of Ascended Masters or Rays of Stars is upmost, but Initiation for Isis(Goddess) Energy is not included)
Do You Want to Get the Initiation for Isis(Goddess) Energy?
* This Is Option, Need Extra Cost/ 此為額外點化課程,需另外付費
Where are you from? ( for country statistics )
Do you want to participate the physical meeting of “International Golden Age Group(Global Chinese PFC Group)" in July 4th?
Yes,是 No.否
您是國際黃金時代團隊的成員嗎 ?
Are you "International Golden Age Group (Global Chinese PFC Group) " member?
Yes,是 No.否
Any Other Relevant Information ( 其他任何相關的資訊 )


Sorry! The booking form is close.
You can directly go to the conference venue to do registration. Please use following mail or phone to get the information of conference venue.
Mail:; MP: +886-980-303-440
電郵: 行動電話: +886-980-303-440