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2019年 《伏藏王-贝玛林巴伏藏全集灌顶暨口传 二》 ~ Malaysia報名 ~


2019年 《伏藏王


2019年《伏藏王-貝玛林巴 伏藏全集》灌頂及口传(二)

Padling Chokhor (Part II) 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Complete Cycle of Empowerments and Lungs of the Pema Lingpa Terma


主法:不丹宁玛巴掌教法王 岗顶祖古仁波切 - 贝玛林巴第九世身化身
Vajra Master : His Holiness Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche,
9th Emanation of Pema Lingpa and Spiritual Head of Nyingma Lineage in Bhutan


日期:2019 / 12 / 15 ~ 28日 (共计14日)

Date : December 15 to December 28, 2019 (14 days)

  • 12/15日中午 12:30 开放报到,下午14:00 正式法会开始。
REGISTRATION (required) begins at 12:30 on December 15 ;program commences at 14:00.
  • 12/28日上午 09:00 - 12:30 法会圆满:结行、荟供及供灯祈福。各自返回。
CONCLUDING CEREMONY : Tsok and Lamp offerings for final blessings 09:00--12:30, December 28. Participants MAY depart thereafter.
  • 每日课程安排:08:00 开放入席;09:00正式口传;14:00进行灌顶
DAILY SCHEDULE: Doors open at 08:00; Lungs at 09:00; Empowerments at 14:00.
  • 为方便安排班机时间,以上行程仅供参考,佛学会保留临时异动的可能性。
The above schedules are provided as a guide for personal itineraries; how ever Yeshe Khorlo reserves the right to change them as needed.

地点:马来西亚 吉隆坡 太子世界贸易中心
Venue : Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  http://www.pwtc.com.my/


Organizer :
Yeshe Khorlo Nyingma Buddhist Centre of Taiwan 

Eligibility : All Buddhist practitioners inspired by great faith are invited to attend. 

14天法会费用 Costs for 14-Day Program: 

  • 此费用为法会场地、供养法王及随行僧众之机票及食宿等。
    Your donations for participation in this 14-day program will cover venue rental as well as offerings to Rinpoche and his accompanying  Sangha from Bhutan for their air tickets, meals and accommodations, etc.
  • 此14天的全集灌頂口传可依照个人时间许可参加。
    Participants will be charged on a daily basis, paying only for the days attended.
  • 僧众费用敬折 50%
    50% discount for ordained Sangha members.
  • 此费用于6月3日前繳交者可享9折优惠,并享有学员前区座位的安排。
    10% discount for registration made before June 3, 2019 with seating reserved in the front rows of the student section.
    • 台币 NTD$6,300    ($450/日Day)
    • 马币RM$840      ($60/日Day)
    • 人民币 RMB¥1,400 ($100/日Day)
    • 港币 HKD$1,680    ($120/日Day)
    • 新币 SGD$280     ($20/日Day)
    • 美元 USD$210     ($15/日Day)
  • 繳交费用后如因故无法参加者,于法会三个月前 (9/15日)提出可退三分之二费用;二个月前 (10月15日)提出可退三分之一费用;之后提出者请恕无法退费
Cancellation and Refunds:
Refunds for cancelled registration will be granted as follows:
Two-thirds (2/3) refund if notice is received by September 15 (3 months prior to the Program).
One-third (1/3) refund if notice is received by October 15 (2 months prior to the Program).
No refunds can be granted for cancellations later than two months prior to the Program.

住宿酒店 : 吉隆坡 斯丽太平洋酒店

HotelSeri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur  https://www.seripacifichotel.com/

房型 Room Types



Room rate includes two breakfasts & all taxes


Superior Room


(One King / Two Twin)




Club Room


(Club King / Club Twin)












  • 斯丽酒店为距离会场地最近的酒店,只要步行3-5分钟即可。佛学会已为学员爭取最好的报价供选择,如订房超过150间,酒店将再提供”精致双人房”每天RM$20(約US$5.)的折扣,该部分将视实际情况再回报订房的学员。
  • 每间房可再加一单人床(含早餐):US$25.(精致双人房) ; US$40.(豪华双人房) 。
  • 请提供护照英文全名以便酒店订房登记。
  • 有关酒店设施及房间设备內容,请自行上网查阅。
  1. Seri Pacific Hotel is the nearest hotel to the event venue; walking distance is 3-5 minutes. Yeshe Khorlo has negotiated the best available group rate at this hotel. An additional RM$20 (about US$5) discount for Superior rooms will be applied if more than 150 rooms are booked. Participants will be notified as needed for this or other changes.
  2. Extra bed charge,one per room (including breakfast):US$25 for Superior rooms; US$40 for Club rooms on Club Floors.
  3. Your passport name is required for your hotel reservation.
  4. Room amenities & hotel facilities are listed on the hotel website.

繳款方式 Payment method:


Please make cash payments at the registration counter.

联络人Contact Person: Alexande Lee



Yeshe Khorlo Nyingma Buddhist Centre of Taiwan





脸书Facebook:台灣智慧輪佛學會 yeshekhorlo-taiwan.com



地點:41, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Ku (会场地址:太子世界贸易中心 吉隆坡 马来西亚PWTC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
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